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Swing Back Pack
Swing Back Pack

The smallest house fits inside a backpack, its radius of action is as wide as the display of all the objects that its zipper may contain. It defines an appropriate place in a potential way, without limits. Likewise, imprecise and discontinuous, the swing defines a place: it defines a contained space between the parallel planes that make up its ropes.

Can an everyday object alter the character of a public space? Seeking to put into crisis the predetermined logics of a space that, although belongs to everyone, generally does not belong to anyone, we propose a small alteration that enables the playful appropriation of the public space and tries to generate a debate that reformulates the limits of use of what is common.

Swing Back Pack is a swing-backpack that may be installed on various types of bases present in the urban space. In this way, seeking to make plausible our premise that the true logics of the swing reside in the attitude of those who operate with it, we propose an element flexible enough to be able to respond in the endless list of contexts in which it could be inserted.

Swing Back Pack
Swing Back Pack

The swing will set up in in diverse types of supports that are present in the public space

Project Team
Rosa Parralo Bayo
Prototype on display
800 x 400 x 80 mm
66.5 €
Araceli Calero,
Macarena Castillo,
Rosa Gallardo

Swing Back Pack

Araceli Calero Castro, Macarena Castillo Párraga, Rosa Gallardo Parralo