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Strictly Welcomed
Strictly Welcomed

Social Communitary Center in Cañada Real

In the face of the need to intervene in Cañada Real, the Regional Government and the Madrid City Council gathered and drafted a specifications document, with hardly any social clauses to jointly engage the supply, assembly and drafting of technical documents required for the implementation of a non-permanent structure for public use. The tender procedure remained unsuccessful twice. We took part in the third attempt, with the experience and hope of involving and caring for the largest number of direct or indirect users. The methodology begins with the visit paid to the educational centres of the area in three municipalities, where the vast majority of the minor residents of Cañada Real are located. We visited families from sector 5, where the project is being developed. We invited social entities, neighbourhood associations, and new entities to participate. We decided to collaborate with the inmates of the Soto del Real penitentiary centre, where –as in other spaces– forging works, walls, trusses, roof panels and window drawers are premanufactured, which will then be assembled in the official work site. This is the main reason why the sign at the working site said: “Unauthorised access permitted inside the working site”. Although the program required five spaces – three 30-sqm workshops, a 45-sqm community space, and 90 sqm of offices and self-sufficient bathrooms, 25% extra was built with the same budget.

No one may remain unmoved by the fact that 1,200 people, including 600 minors, 17 social entities, one penitentiary centre, three universities, and many volunteers represent the participative construction protocol of the Cañada Real Galiana social, community and intercultural centre. This is the first experiment with a new regulation for public-social co-management in which more people and entities have been involved than expected in just 5 months.

Strictly Welcomed
Strictly Welcomed

Cañada Real Galiana, Spain
2018 / 2019

Santiago Cirugeda, Alice Attout
Nieves Frías, Juanjo Estrada,
Jesús Flores,
Alma Villanueva,
Carlos García
RH estructuras,
Ciudad Educativa Municipal Hipatia,
Centro Penitenciario Soto del Real,
ESDM (Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid), AECOM,
Asociación de La Luna, AMAL (Asociación de Mujeres Árabes Luchadoras),
Centro de Artes Vivas - Naves Matadero
Drainage installation
Winter Summer Instalaciones S.L.
Electric installation
Emilio Calderón,
Rachid Abdeslami
Ben Omar
Photovoltaic panels installation
Aerogeneration S.L.
David Blasco
Juan Gabriel Pelegrina y Recetas Urbanas

Strictly Welcomed

Recetas Urbanas