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Memory Latticework
Memory Latticework

Following the end of the Spanish Civil War, the space by the walls of the cemetery of Granada became the site of the execution of 4,000 people. The project is an homage to the victims, a place of remembrance for relatives, and a mean to preserve the historical memory in this environment.

The project is set outside the walls of the cemetery surrounded by an olive grove, a path and a row of cypresses. The work emerges from the reflection on how to project with memory in order to transform memories in an element of a living landscape in close connection with the site.

The 43-metre-length iron lattice is placed over an existing stone wall. The lattice is made from the information recorded on the deceased –name, place of origin, date of death and age, a transparent and light element that fits into the territory without transforming it, a poetic resource that overlaps the names and histories of each one of them on this iconic landscape. The lattice allows one to read the name of anonymous people floating in the air over the olive grove.

Placed against dawn backlight, the lattice produces a game of shadows that projects the texts on the topography of the land reaching the walls of the cemetery at certain times of the year.

The gaps between the words are used to place the flowers used to honour the deceased. The circles that stiffen the trimmed iron plate to lay the bunches of flowers which turns the lattice into a wall full of vegetation and colour on significant dates, create contiguity between the collective memory, the past and the landscape.

Relatives feel moved as they place their hands on the iron names. There is a sort of reencounter between the world of the living and the world of the dead that reconciles them with society, paying well-deserved tribute and recognition.

Memory Latticework
Memory Latticework
Granada, Spain 

Project Team
Alejandro Infantes Pérez,
Javier Muñoz Godino
Dirección General de la Memoria Democrática (Junta de Andalucía) y Patronato de la Alhambra -Generalife 
General de metalistería, maquetas y diseños S.L.
Castelo Dauro S.L. 
Fernando Alda

Memory Latticework

Carmen Moreno Álvarez