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Meditative experience through movement and technology


This research explores the gap between body movement and the sensation it produces, looking for places of opportunity where infrequently asked questions about our self-perception can emerge. The qualities of movement are a reason and a question of experience, the interactive design is the means in which it is formulated.

The starting point is to be found in the practice of contemporary dance and in some of the ways in which this discipline addresses initiation to movement – the qualities of movement, the occupation of the immediate space or kinesphere, and creative visualization. These provide content to the experience, in the form of visual questions and objectives that give a new meaning to the movement itself through a digital reaction.

Technology is responsible for building the body- sensation bridge through a digital mirror, capturing the body with a depth camera and transforming it into an animated digital model. It works with the form, showing anthropomorphic beings and abstract geometries; as well as with movement – the software interprets the relationship between different parts of the body, the axis alignment or the speed of movement, to create situations such as amplification, de-synchrony or the breakdown of the cause-effect process.

How does it feel to recognize my body as a rubbery and elastic mass? Or to discover the relationship between my movements and the light intensity of the environment? The objective of the project is that the answers to these types of questions enhance the awareness of the body that we occupy to reconnect with it, with others’ bodies, and with the ecosystems that we inhabit.

Branching into the current framework of multidisciplinary production will lead to various didactic mediation scenarios – a meditative fitness space, an empathic experimentation laboratory, a practical observatory on the invisible negotiations that we establish with bodies, spaces and materials.


Alicante, Spain


Ballerina, creator and teacher of contemporary dance
Cintia Solbes
Design and Museography
José Luís Navarro
Mario Hidrobo
Musician and visual artist
Carlos Izquierdo
Professional ballerina
Graphic designer
Patricia Capella
Photography and lighting
María Cano


Sergi Hernández Carretero