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The Bedroom Script
The Bedroom Script

Housing is an increasingly complex, technical, legal, political and economic entity. It connects us with the rest of society, even though it is a private place. It is both home and investment, refuge and electoral campaign. It is where we take a shower and the health scale of the economy.

In order to guarantee our comfort, the regulations define standards of size, density, transmittance...

But on the other hand, we are subject to the whims of luck over the volume of the neighbour’s television or any potential leaks.

Simultaneously, the fact that the quality measuring of a home is based on real estate and legal aspects produces an incentive for the minimum habitability criteria to become standard. In this way, the complexity of residential design is regarded from a commercial point of view.

So, is there a solution to housing? What is the goal, and what seems to be the answer?

From a design point of view, the solution to a problem as complex as this involves automation. The next step to the digitalisation of the descriptive tools of architecture (CAD and BIM) is to encode the design criteria. Knowing the motives behind the designs, the computer is able to evaluate its deficiencies and values, and subsequently propose alternatives. The house is customized to the requirements of the inhabitant and the community as a whole, seeking to achieve a common balance, whose quality measuring is unique and intrinsic to the community.

The repercussion is a change in what is expected from a home. In the face of the hegemony of the square meter to determine the value of the house and the regulations to evaluate its quality, the house proposed must prioritize habitability values over commercial ones. The result is a house that regains its nature of home, over speculation.

The Bedroom Script
The Bedroom Script

Madrid, Spain

Elements of the installation
Algorithm for furniture and appartment layout: Javascript and Grasshopper
Local network broadcasting for interaction with personal devices
50” and 27” screen, and computer compiling the commands
John Porral

The Bedroom Script

John Porral Soldevilla