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Seeing Water Without Eyes
Seeing Water Without Eyes

Final degree project. University of Granada

In this work, a review is made on the need to recover the multisensory character of architecture. This concern is conceived after the reflection of architecture as an evocation of impressions and sensations resulting from its innate spatiality and body essence.

We live in a society where the predominance of sight over the other senses has resulted in a dynamic distant from the complexity of the human sensory apparatus. The cult of the image moves the sense of hearing and, especially the sense of touch, to a background in experience. Since the blind perceive space through the haptic sense, Seeing water without eyes proposes its particular exploratory procedure as a method to reconnect architecture with our body.

The main purpose will be to increase the autonomy and independence of the blind to perceive aspects that we usually associate only with sight; the effects of water. Water, as a core protagonist of the space in Alhambra, is conceived as an element that enhances the bodily experience of architecture and becomes the backbone of this research. A route through the water spaces is proposed as we enter the Generalife, passing through the Comares Palace, until we reach the Patio de los Leones in Alhambra.

As a graphic conclusion, a series of planes and tactile diagrams are developed that capture the spatial mechanisms of water. Through the overlapping of textures and relief, the blind can “touch” the sound of water or the reflection of architecture. It is therefore a work that transcends dimensions and meanings, and links them to space, building new strategies and haptic languages for the whole society.

Seeing Water Without Eyes
Seeing Water Without Eyes

Granada, Spain

Francisco del Corral del Campo
© Laura Muñoz González, 2019

Seeing Water Without Eyes

Laura Muñoz González