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Playing With Space. Playing With Light
Playing With Space. Playing With Light

“Playing the space” arises from a research carried out by a team of women architects formed by Ana, specialised in Neuroscience; Sara, specialised in game maker actions; and Alicia, an interior architect specialised in ephemeral architecture.

The project is based on a research carried out at Medialab Prado, aimed at solving a specific problem on the way children made use of the building. The environment had not been designed for the playful use of the little ones of the neighbourhood, and there was a significant lack of control over their presence and behaviour. Playing environments were needed to guarantee –without exogenous instructions—children visiting the premise would be induced to a specific behaviour.

Following a phenomenological analysis on how children arrived, how they played, the places they moved around and in what way, what games were more common and what was the role they played in each circumstance; the architects elucidated the learning mechanisms during the free play and they could extract the environmental parameters conditioning it.

The theoretical bases take neuroscience as a starting point – the researches of Gibson, Mallgrave, Sacks and Rizzolatti. References such as Huizinga, Bordes, Freire, Shiedoff-Buscher were used in order to materialize the sensory atmospheres proposed. Thus, it was reached the idea of creating playing stations where certain sensory characteristics prevailed.

The project blends light, sound, interaction level and scale to project playing stations according to a range of somatosensory needs. In one of the playing stations –“Play with light”– the microarchitecture pieces, made in photosensitive materials, change their colour according to the direction of light, creating a variety of shades of different colour and densities. This happens inside a dark cabin, built with the same pieces in a much larger size. There the kids take awareness of their own bodies as means to conquer space, making it one more game tool.

Playing With Space. Playing With Light
Playing With Space. Playing With Light

Madrid, Oporto,
Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Chile

Project Team
Media Lab Prado Madrid
2.20 m2
2.500 €
Ana Mombiedro
Sara San Gregorio
Alicia Gutiérrez

Playing With Space. Playing With Light

Ana Mombiedro, Sara San Gregorio, Alicia Gutiérrez