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Openbike is a manifesto on urban transport, distributed manufacturing, shared knowledge, the community, and the responsible use of resources, which makes available to anyone the methods for the manufacture of a non-polluting urban means of transport – the bicycle.

In increasingly dense and populated cities, the use of non-polluting transport is key and essential for coexistence. On the other hand, the access that we have today to technology gives us the opportunity to use manufacturing processes that were previously unattainable outside the industry.

The bicycle designs resulting from this initiative should be able to be manufactured by users within the city they are going to move around using the resources of a local digital manufacturing workshop (fablab) such as 3D printing and CNC cutting. The main design features are based on users’ universality, the ability to transport goods, the simplicity of construction, and the availability of materials.

Based on the principles of open design, people who develop and share knowledge, generating designs that are available for free on the net to be shared, improved, modified, manufactured... over and over again, a development and design based on the use of local resources using global techniques and tools adapted to their particular characteristics (cultural, social, material, ...). In other words, the design is downloadable and modifiable by users themselves.

We can access this shared digital information from any location in the world to materialise it locally and sustainably, using digital manufacturing methods that generate a controlled minimum amount of waste. We do not transport materials but information.

The aim is to empower citizens as a transforming agent, putting technology at their service and prioritising local production with local resources, which generates active and productive cities, looking ahead from an ecological perspective, trying to reduce carbon emissions to a minimum.

Openbike is a living project in constant change that has been evolving since 2016 to achieve the premises mentioned above with utmost fidelity.


Donostia, Spain
From 2015 until now


Project Team
Sandrine Deville
Iván Miranda
Joseba Egia
Xabi Ruiz
Tabakalera, San Sebastián
1500x500x1000 mm
650 €


Iñaki Albistur Martín Raquel M. Ares Joana