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“The Greeks of the Homeric times believed that kleos – ‘fame’, was composed of songs. Air vibrations contained the extension and the remembrance of a person’s life”.

The Songs of Trees: Stories from Nature’s Great Connectors by D.G. Hakell

Kleos is an initiative to collectively explore urban vegetation and perceive its effects over the body (blossoming, aromas, or fruiting), the environment (capture of CO2 or harmful particles) and the culture (migration mapping and the links of species to the place through texts, images, and music) through maps, images and sounds.

In this way, as a cabinet of wonders, the project relates botanical species with scientific, artistic and sound bits that are activated and combined, as users get closer to the plants. An intimate experience that invites us to dive into urban nature to awake the foreign memory of the species surrounding us, remixing traditional music linked to their places of origin.

Therefore, the proposal is conceived as a synaesthetic experience starting in limited gardens to slowly expand, involving citizens in the cartography of new specimens along their daily journeys. This strategy aims at exploring the dimension of the city as a cosmopolitan garden of coexistence through the creation of a collective atlas (Gilles Clément, Donna J. Haraway, Gregory Bateson, Isabelle Stenger, Alexander Von Humboldt, etc.). This does not mean rejecting plans, images or purposes, but rather opening to creative alliances with what already exists. It is our wish to map, celebrate and pollinate the city as a Terra exuberantis.


Sevilla, Spain

Idea and management
Nomad Garden
Ma Salas Mendoza Muro
Francisco José Pazos García
Sergio Rodríguez Estévez
Sound experience and collage
Rubén Alonso Mallén
Esperanza Moreno Cruz
Datrik Intelligence
David Solís Martín
Juan Galán Páez
Historical research
Juan Alberto Romero Rodríguez
El Mandaito,
Antonia Hurtado Gomez
Surnames Narradores Transmedia
Virginia Moriche Tirado
Instituto de Cultura y las Artes de Sevilla - Ayuntamiento de Sevilla
Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Junta de Andalucía
Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte Comisión nacional del V centenario de la primera vuelta al mundo
140,8 km2
60000 €
Nomad Garden
Sergio Rodríguez Estévez


Nomad Garden, Antropoloops, Datrik Intelligence