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Cans: Consensus Architectures
Cans: Consensus Architectures

Cans is a village of 450 inhabitants that does not escape the immediacy of everyday life, reflecting how people live in a rural community affected by the distortion caused by urban growth, the infrastructures and excessive land fragmentation. Our work, for more than a decade, undergo from architecture with new forms of coexistence through the dynamics of its short film festival, during which the determination of neighbours allows to experiment with transformations of the daily space to an extend that goes beyond regulations or conventions. These are analyses that have extended this mark to the territorial and heritage spheres, as well as direct and participatory interventions that are approaches on how we can live together. We do not intend to define an ideal future, but to find capacities that the present may have to offer advances towards a better world. One more step forward every year, proposing mechanisms and tools that extend the involvement of their neighbours among themselves and their territory in a kind of beneficial symbiosis between the collective and the individual beings. Practices where the local, through cultural experience, is made available to the universal idea of living together, demonstrating how the reconversion of the domestic manages to provide structure and legibility to a community. It is the neighbours who provide the screening rooms as transferred architectures, the thresholds and accesses are shared, the farmhouses for colloquia or the tractors (chimpinbus), driven by them as transport shuttles between venues. The project serves as a starting point for raising awareness and recovering heritage, identifying routes and forgotten places or renewing ways of sitting and talking –actions that have already become necessary facts for its inhabitants, recognized for the value they also have for the future.

Cans: Consensus Architectures
Cans: Consensus Architectures

Cans, Spain

Project Team
Bárbara Mesquita,
Miriam Núñez
Mónica Rodríguez (CreuseCarrasco);
O Pacto de Cans
Alejandro Blanco
Iago Carro
Noelia González
Ducia de Cans
colectivo Hábitat Social
University collaborators (UDC)
Colectivo FETSAC
Grupo GCeT
Fundación Juana de Vega
Coordination and direction
Alfonso Pato (director del Festival de Cans)
Fundación Arela
Annual cost
10.000 euros aprox.
Scope of intervention
480.000 m2

  1. Chimpinbus_Rafa Costas 2012
  2. Galiñeiro_Alberto Pérez 2013

Cans: Consensus Architectures

Creus e Carrasco
Juan Creus Andrade Covadonga Carrasco López