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Briks Pavilion
Briks Pavilion

On the occasion of World Recycling Day, the communication company Babydog entrusted us with the design of the world’s largest construction with recycled material. The objective was to create great media impact to raise awareness of the importance of treating the waste produced by humans in relation to the protection of the environment. The project originated in the reuse of milk cartons already used. We devised a constructive system to assemble cartons, folding their flaps in 135o angles and attaching them with simple and resistant materials that did not prevent their subsequent recycling. We created an assembly kit of self-resistant elements
of milk cartons that allowed its assembly in 2 weeks working as Lego parts.

For its construction, we set a collaboration relationship between professionals and teachers, performing a participation experience which could be difficult to fit within the cultural and academic programs. An intense informative and training deployment was developed in different schools in the province for the collection of cartons among elementary school students that allowed the collection of more than 45,000 containers. The School of Architecture of Granada was responsible, with the work of the first course of Projects (about 120 hard- working students) of the assembly in several phases following simple instructions. The place selected for its assembly was the access patio to the tower-viewpoint of the Science Park. The result was a 30-meter-long, 15-meter-wide, and 7-meter-high structure. The pavilion, designed in a labyrinthine way, created a range of patios that gathered inside the existing greenery, different passages covered with carton beams and a tower that let the light in through its lattice walls, something common in the city of Granada. The pavilion won the Guinness World Record and, after two weeks, was transferred to a recycling plant.

Briks Pavilion
Briks Pavilion

Granada, Spain
May 1st to 14th, 2010
Production - marketing
Babydog S.L.
Head of ETSAG Workshops
Rafael Sánchez,
Elisa Valero,
Miguel Martínez,
Tomás García
120 alumnos del curso 2009/2010 de Proyectos I. ETSA Granada
Área de Medioambiente,
Diputación de Granada,
Junta de Andalucía RESUR Granada
450 m2
2.500 €
Javier Callejas Sevilla

Briks Pavilion

Cuac arquitectura / Sugar Platform
Tomás García Píriz F. Javier Castellano Pulido + Julien Fajardo Christophe Beauvez