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Biotic City / Agroplaza
Biotic City / Agroplaza

Ciudad Biótica, the working line in which the Agroplaza project is framed, is a complete utopia, designed and built from urban mediation for the social and ecological transformation of the city. In this habitat model, where life is placed at the centre, creative, collaborative and open processes are regarded as powerful tools for design, transformation and learning in the city.

Ciudad Biótica reformulates the way we live through an experimental process of co-creation to build a new model of urbanity. The project generates a collective thinking where nature, reflections and social and inclusive perspectives prevail, the claim of individual or collective rights linked to multiculturalism, precariousness, functional diversity, gender, multi-generational coexistence and that of many other groups.

Agroplaza is a citizen laboratory of ecological systems and innovative practices, which was born in 2015 in Getafe, 15km away from Madrid, as part of the Project for the Comprehensive Regeneration of the Alhóndiga neighbourhood, which functions as a pedagogical space that reformulates our daily life in relation to common goods in terms of technological, energy and food self-sufficiency. It promotes the dissemination of systems and habits to favour the transformation of the public space and the city, with the aim of improving the quality of life of human and non-human communities, through interaction and collaboration, towards more sustainable, fair and diverse models. In 2019, it was permanently installed on public land managed by the City Council and civil society.

Agroplaza is composed of 12 Urban Ecological Facilities that allow sharing knowledge, awakening reflections and causing transformations in relation to ecology, the environment and coexistence. It consists of pieces of urban furniture that incorporate closed- cycle systems of cultivation and food, energy, water and waste resources. They include different urban crops, water treatment, waste reduction, and energy production through games.

Biotic City / Agroplaza
Biotic City / Agroplaza

Getafe, Spain
Traveling project 2015-present

Urban Facilities Technical Manager
Japi Contonente
Collaborator from Pezestudio
Xabier Polledo Arrizabalaga
Structural Consultants
Fernando San Hipólito
Structure and assembly execution
Horche Carpintería
Production Manager
Viuda de Ramírez
Drainage Consultants
Sibarkia y Asgard
Energy Consultants
Obsoletos y Jon Sagarrabanana
Crops Consultants
El Bancal
Natural fibers Consultants
Walter Arnao
Workshop coordination
David Rodríguez
Doblimagen - Mariel Vidal

Biotic City / Agroplaza

Maé Durant Vidal Elisa de los Reyes García López