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MAIN AIM: Making visitors go around the city as a dispersed urban museum, with concentrating elements of great plastic intensity, that surround and surprise pedestrians when they look up. The different micro- interventions can be transferred and modify their contents according to a management plan, and therefore has a high value for urban cohesion and citizen involvement.
THE BELL: It consists of a self-supporting conical structure that holds a mirror-polished stainless steel bell on top. Externally, it reflects the sky and the environment, minimising its presence, while inside the steel amplifies any light effect that is introduced, multiplying and merging the reflections of the installation and the citizens themselves.

FUNCTIONING: The bell works 24 hours, both in sunlight and at nightfall with its own artificial light. It also has detection and interaction mechanisms with citizens.

CONTENT: Each bell will have a different internal installation linked to different themes, which may change every year.
C.1 ROSE WINDOW. The white bell reinterprets the expressivity of the monastery’s Romanesque rose window, its geometry, the small lead structure, and its stained glass windows, which decompose into a system of overlapping layers where colour, geometry and light explore a new way of seeing the rose window.

C2. KALEIDOSCOPE. The yellow bell forms a wonderful kaleidoscope, which reflects and mixes the experience of the movement of visitors with the sky.

C3. XYLOPHONE. The turquoise bell is a gigantic interactive musical instrument, where the passage and movement of visitors are translated into a light and acoustic impulse, both amplified by the effect of the surrounding bell.

Sergio Sebastián Franco
Sebastián Arquitectos 

Sant Cugat del Vallés, Spain 
2017 / 2018 

Project Team
Giorgio Bernardi, Alejandro Alda, Laura Martínez Lite 
Quantity Surveyor
Pablo Sebastián
Structural engineering 
Javier Caamaño 
Lighting engineering 
Manifacturing and assembly 
Irene Ruiz Bazán


Franco Sebastián Arquitectos
Sergio Sebastián Franco